The Truth about Lockerbie, and Pan Am 103, and Drugs

The C.I.A. drug trade through the Syria and Iran was going pretty sweet for Syrian C.I.A. contractor Monzer al-Kassar.
He gives the suitcase, C.I.A. agents clear the suitcase through to New York. When the suitcase of drugs was switched for a bomb in Dec 21, 1988, it was cleared as usual. Central Intelligence Agent Charles McKee was aboard, as were 4 other agents, all killed. At the crash scene, CIA agents posing as Pan Am employees walked away with a suitcase.

First, the press had word of a Syrian or Palestinian suspect, but when wind of the C.I.A. involvement began to surface, the C.I.A. needed a scapegoat. The socialist isolationist country is always the best bet, because they are enemies of the U.S. by their mere existence, so bombing and/or sanctions always needs a good excuse. C.I.A. killed two birds with one stone, and pinned the Flight 103 bomb on Libya.

How quickly Americans forget: Time Magazine, 4/27/92, cover story:
Pan Am 103: Why Did They Die? "Washington says its Libya sabotaged the plane. Provocative evidence suggests that a Syrian drug dealer may have helped plant the bomb- and that the real targets were intelligence agents working for the CIA."

London Times article 7-22-91, reveals story: C.I.A. drug running, and Pan Am 103

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