Depleted Uranium Missiles, Covered Up by the Pentagon

Gulf War Syndrome, Balkins Syndrome, and thousands
of civilian cancer cases in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Vieques, etc.

  • BBC - Alarm over Nato uranium deaths
    Italy has called on Nato to give a full account
    of its use of weapons containing depleted
    uranium (DU) in the conflicts in former

  • BBC - Cancer surge on bomb range island
    The residents of a Caribbean island used as a bombing range
    claims that ammunition including depleted uranium (DU)
    shells have caused an epidemic of cancers there.

  • BBC - Uranium 'threat' to Gulf veterans
    The health of many Gulf War veterans may be at risk
    from metallic dust from their own ammunition, says a scientist.

  • BBC - Depleted uranium: The next generation
    Mr Purbrick remains healthy. But his son was born
    last year with no fingers on his left hand, and a
    joint missing from his thumb.

  • EU Demands Truth From NATO Over Uranium Shells

  • BBC - UK warned over uranium in 1991

  • BBC - Depleted Uranium Fears Report

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